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The Alot is Better Than You at Everything

16th April 2010

Countless hours of onerous research have been spent throughout the years on the ever-perplexing ''alot'' conundrum -- here's the explanation.


Visual Studio 2010 Released

13th April 2010

Or, if you're an eligible student you can get the professional version right (Linkage).
New features include some C++0x features (lambdas, r-value references, type deduction, concurrency runtime, probably something other stuff well), a revamped IDE look,*snip*


The Monty Hall Problem

26th March 2010

A problem which leaves everyone stumped.
''Suppose you're on a game show, and you're given the choice of three doors: behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. You pick a door, say No. 1, and the host, who knows what's behind the doors, open*snip*


Chain reactions abound!

12th March 2010

I thought that their treadmill video was good, but this one is astounding on a whole other level.


Artiodactylic martinetish panjandrum?

27th January 2010

Quench your logophilic thirst! I know I'm sold. Take four esoteric words, and place them together to form a (slightly) coherent sentence.



7th January 2010

A must-see classic! Can you understand them?


Quantum Engine

31st December 2009

I'd never heard of Quantum Engine five minutes ago, but it looks like it's a quite capable piece of software for creating 2D games. Requires a 6 MB DLL to be packaged with the end program, but apart from that it doesn't demand any dependencies. Free for no*snip*


Paralysis for 23 years

25th November 2009

This is frightening. Imagine being trapped in solitude for 23 years; he can impossibly be in a sane state of mind.


Perlin Noise

2nd November 2009

An interesting and in-depth article about Perlin noise, a technique which can be used in many areas concerning graphics.
[small]I actually only posted this because I saw that my productivity bar had turned red. It's working![/small]


Convert, or the devil will take you

26th August 2009

Two Christian, American, teenage girls try to convince their friend (or, ex-friend) that Hinduism is the wrong faith. I laughed so much, before the disturbing reality managed to permeate my head.


Tim Langdell

8th August 2009

One repulsive story about a ''trademark infringement'' where indie developers suffer from the wrath of the black sheep of the game industry.



24th July 2009

''OpenGameArt.org is a community that brings like-minded coders and artists together for the purpose of creating Open Source video games, by providing a human-edited, searchable database of freely-licened art resources.''


3D Websites

21st July 2009

WebKit now supports 3D transformations in CSS, which means that it soon will be in Safari and Google Chrome, if not already in there. In a couple of years, when this stuff becomes standard (and probably immensely annoying), SoCoder might be in 3D. Let's ho*snip*


Debugging basics

14th July 2009

Was talking in the Mud Chat, and realized that there might be people here who don't use a debugger in their C++/C#/Java/whatever projects. If you feel that that last statement was directed at you, then you must click the link. It's really elementary knowle*snip*



10th July 2009

Classic pixel art program


Cave Story

7th June 2009

Classic side-scrolling adventure


Mind-bending Puzzles

5th April 2009

Stumbled upon this site, with programming/math problems. The first few are fairly easy, but then the difficulty level grows.


Taskbar shuffle

26th October 2008

Rearrange the taskbar


Chad Vader

18th August 2008

I command you to watch these videos.


Rice boy

17th July 2008

A cool comic


Web Standards!

4th March 2008

Finally IE is getting fixed!


Hello World!

23rd September 2007

The easiest program to create, or is it?



19th April 2007

A color picker for web developers



21st February 2007

English is a strange language


Free Software Every Day

20th January 2007

This site gives away commercial software free and legally

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