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Welcome to Socoder

Socoder is a community of coders, who sit in a quiet corner of the internet, chatting endlessly about random nonsense.
Occasionally we code, too.

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Joust X

5th September 2023

EikSoft's first game release in nine years is finally here, full source code included! Joust X is a remake of the NES version of Joust that was released in 1988, which is itself a port of the original Williams arcade game released in 1982. The graphic*snip*


Mine, slime and monsters

29th July 2023

Travel down into a mine, collect things, monsters await.


Exploding Numbers

29th January 2023

Divide and add numbers in 2D grid to reach a stated goal


Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers

26th January 2023

So we finally managed to finish our ''little'' jigsaw game last month :)
Available on:
Big Fish Games
Wild Tangent
and coming soon to Steam


2D Framework with FPS lock

8th December 2022

A good starting point for any 2D game with a text scroller and particle effects. Define your target FPS so your game runs the same speed on all systems. Also features space bar to pause rendering and long system uptime MilliSecs() rollover fix



20th November 2022

Find pairs