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Created : 21 October 2019

Not Coding Related - 45 Days In

So, I moved out early last month and feel like I've fully settled into my new abode, the house is looking a lot more friendly and I've been a LOT quieter on here, just because I haven't been coding away from the 9-5 job of late.

It's all been working out pretty well so far in general though, I've gone through the emotional jumps and most of the worries involved and adjusted into my new life, which reminds me slightly of Uni times but with more responsibilties naturally.

Budgeting has been pretty tight this month but I seem to have got some balance where I can pay back some of my debt each month, whilst maintaining a little bit of a social life. Not much, but, I can keep myself pretty busy during the evenings and head over to see the kids a couple of nights each week.

I also have the kids each weekend for saturday / saturday & sunday which really helps and phone them up twice a day to keep in contact. It's proving to be a pretty livable balance but I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the time I have with them for some quality dad times

I've finally got the heating sorted out now... geez, that was a nightmare. I paid about £60 on a gas card that was in the house when i arrived, only for most of it to be paying off someone elses debt, grrr. But, once I explained to the company involved, they sorted things out and gave me a bit extra in refund, which was handy.

Work has continued to be fairly tough, integrating card machines into my EPOS sytem and making a lot of alterations on the fly to other, critical company software makes things tough and my sleeping pattern hasn't been as good as it could be, but not as bad as it could be either.

I've missed going to the gym a lot but have enjoyed being able to actually relax after work, I still do need to get some games finished off soon though!

Also... Ohhh, that Analogue Portable..... Squeeee!!! I want 2 of them!



Monday, 21 October 2019, 16:21
Glad you're settling in well, and that you still have plenty of contact with the kids.
Sunday, 27 October 2019, 08:48
Had a lovely weekend with em this time, fixed up Laylas lil Leappad that we found from the carboot last weekend, I opened it up and managed to, alarmingly, cut straight through one of the batteries with a blunt knife at which point it was a case of. I'll try to clean this up as best as I can but couldn't promise I'd get it working again, lots of corrosion.

Got it working by 1am on Friday morning and she bloody loves it for drawing on, taking photos and videos and playing some of the 4 lil gamey type things that came with it, as Friday was full of pretty cruddy weather I sure felt vindicated picking that up with her for £3.50-ish. I guess it's a form of edu-tainment but that's a fairly loose term anyhoo.

Spent most of the day playing many games with Triston on he N64 and the Wii and they helped make dinner, fairly nice day all in all.

Saturday was pretty good also, just playing with the kids again and took them down for a swimming session where they had a great big inflatable obstacle course which Triston absolutely loved, meanwhile Layla and myself kept content in the other pool, she's only 6 so was a bit too little to join in with that.

Time flew by and dropped em back over at their mums around 5-ish and hte rest of Saturday was pretty chilled, although I had made plans for today.

Soo,I've been doing the parkruns until I moved out and miss doing them a lot, I decided today was the day I'd try to run myself ragged, which I could have done, but, probably wisely, stopped myself at 10km. It's a nice day out and I figured, right, gotta get back into this.

It was a fairly tough run, there's a couple of hills after the first couple of km which meant I had to go down a gear and I'd by lying if I said I didn't stop to walk along a couple of times along the way but I made it from my house to the glorious Torquay seafront feeling pretty tired, sweaty but proud of myself in 1 hour, 7 minutes.

So, I treated myself to a subway from the nearest one which was another 4km walk into Paignton which I was grateful for, it's probably reduced the recovery time so I can try another run to work on tuesday hopefully.

|edit| Apparently subway no longer serve sugar with coffee now, just some fake sugar syrups instead...Ridiculous! Ruddy sugar tax razzle frazzle frazzle..... |edit|

Currently I'm at home from the bus journey back pondering what to do next, maybe some code, maybe some more Pokemon Go. Either way, coffee is needed! aaand probably a shower!
Sunday, 27 October 2019, 08:57
A ) I think that's the first time you've mentioned your kids names! *hugs to all*
B ) Leapfrogs have come a long way. Cameras, and everything. Blimey! Kids, these days. They get everything.
C ) Good that you're running again.
Sunday, 27 October 2019, 09:01
A: Ohh, that might be the case actually, **hugs back**

B: Yeah, it seems so, we had soem of the older stuff when Triston was lilttle...sooo err 7 years ago, just some counting dog on a really low quality lcd screen. I was surprised by what it could do, and it's an older model. It does have a hunger for batteries mind so I mya invest in some rechargables next month.

C: Yeah, it feels good,thankfully it looks like this week is going to be relatively rain-free so I may attempt a run to work this time around.