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Created : 03 June 2009
Edited : 03 June 2009
System : Mac

Another Brawl

I decided to start working on a super-smash brothers type game recently, just for fun. I realized that I hadn't really done any game programming in a while, but every time i learn a new coding concept, or graphical/colorspace/visual concept, I think of how it could be implemented for a game, and so I figured I may as well put it together in something silly.

I always wanted to play a game like super smash bros on the PC, mainly so that it could be LAN'd with greater than 4 players, and so that was kind of the seed for the whole thing. I don't really intend to make a story line/story mode, just fighting, and maybe add a simple AI if you want to mix in some NPC's.

Here's some very early development screen shots:

The map, as of right now you can jump, run, and kick people, which will cause them to get knocked back with increasing intensity based on their health; probably going to map an exponential or hyperbolic function to this, because the linear intensity model is kinda ludicrous and causes players to get knocked back really far when they've taken relatively little damage.

For this character, I have done a walking animation and a kicking animation. His head bobs up and down when he walks

This picture shows this character with its weight shade for animation, none of which have been done yet.

::note, I haven't settled on textures for any of my characters yet, never was very good at that whole bit, also, the arena pictured was a 5-min mock-up so that I could test out features::

I want kind of a goofy feel to the whole thing, so expect cartoonycutesysomethingness to ensue eventually.



Wednesday, 03 June 2009, 14:53
Wish I could do stuff like that in 3D!
Platdude Brawl would suck.. his arms and legs have no reach!!
Wednesday, 03 June 2009, 19:12
Wow, that looks pretty cool.
Thursday, 04 June 2009, 02:59
Reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy!

*thinks you should do something like that instead*

Good start though!
Thursday, 04 June 2009, 16:05
Pretty ambitious project. Good start though. I'm excited.