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Learning OOP Ropes

3rd March 2008

Yes, I'm learning the ropes of OOP programming and in BlitzMax.
Here are 2 very short examples...as I get down the concepts and techniques.

'program oop1.bmx
'to learn and demostrate OOP in BlitzMax
Type KAT
Field image1:TImage

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Titan Quest......

25th February 2008

Yay!!, I finally got the game Titan Quest. My brother bought me this for my birthday present and along with treating me to the movies too. We saw Jumper. I thought this was a pretty good movie.
Anyway, back to Titan Quest. This game is so fun and so very*snip*

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Titan Quest

17th February 2008

Last night, I have finished Titan Quest. The demo of Titan Quest. Wow!, what a game. :)
Such an involving game and lots of quests...those of the main quests and those of the side quests. Never have I seen so many since the days of playing the Might and M*snip*

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Alan Steel

14th February 2008

His real name was Sergio Ciani of Italy. He became a well know and respected bodybuilder in Italy and then the whole world for his time. A lot of the bodybuilding in the sixties and seventies was centered in New York and mostly abundant in California at th*snip*

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The Hearts

14th February 2008

I know its for Happy Valentines Day.
And the time is pulsating with many hearts for true love
and love renewed. As well as the beating of the Hearts on this site as well.
But I'll mention the other side of Hearts.
The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan P*snip*

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Could this be...

9th February 2008

Could this be a start of a real ''I Am Legend'' from
the movie starring Will Smith and from the book written
by Richard Matheson.
the original news article is gone...perhaps to avoid a panic and/or spin control.
Leprosy outbreak causes concer*snip*

Latest Showcases

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here is Wolfie :)

1st June 2007

yeahhh!!! :-)
Wolfie a creature of the night.
Like me...and working on the night shift.
Press Left and Right arrow keys to rotate.
Press Up key for big,loud surprise.
Press the Down key for another surprise.
Pree Esc key..of course to end the*snip*