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Created : 07 May 2024
Edited : 07 May 2024
System : Cross Platform
Language : Javascript

Globe particle 'Screensaver' effect

Effect made using a 3d rotating cross brush

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A effect I started working on yesterday. Particle brush and alpha using a 3d rotating cross.
The edges of the cross draw ovals creating a spherical effect. It can draw several nice effects.
There are a lot of random variables. I store these with effects that look interesting for later use.

The system here could be used for movie or video game (weapon) effects.



Tuesday, 07 May 2024, 03:39
Neat effect..
I reckon you could probably do something like what I'm doing with VidGen, but for generating animated backgrounds that people can use in their YouTube videos and things.
Tuesday, 07 May 2024, 04:05
Yeah. It has that look.

My idea is actually to try and learn to do those triple a video game effects. And learn to understand how to program certain visuals.

I was maybe planning to program a minimal painting app for the browser today. With some sliders where the user would be able to draw maybe moons and planets and suns and such. Might be a interesting 3d brush this cross 3d shape.
Wednesday, 08 May 2024, 00:05
I recorded another 1.5 hours of footage last evening. Prospecting sections of the output.

Trying to tweak, add variables. I discovered a javascript blur setting.

As background screens on title screens with some of the effects settings that get randomly created would fit too. Sometimes very cool and usable effects pass by. I need to mod the interface to record and store variables.

Some googling told me this is called VFX. The effect might be in the category of Magic shields and the like.

If rendered inside of a video game. As a effect system t would be fun?

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First though, watching hours of marketing and other educational video's and listening to other books. Why make everything and have no income out of it?
Wednesday, 08 May 2024, 00:48
Yeah, that last bit is the crux of it all, isn't it!

Good luck with this, though, it looks neat.