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Created : 02 October 2018
Edited : 10 November 2018
System : Cross Platform
Language : C/C++

JNKPlat 2018

Platdude's stuck in the dungeon again!

Windows Download
Other Downloads
JNKPlat was created in 1997, but Platdude didn't appear until a year later.
20 years on, and he's still stuck in the dungeon!!

Gather all the spheres, then get to the exit.

WASD to move
J to jump left
L to jump right
K to hold

View on YouTube



Tuesday, 02 October 2018, 10:19
Peeling my eyeballs off the phone screen, no prizes for guessing what I'm downloading when I get home.
Tuesday, 02 October 2018, 12:44
That really hits the spot, you did a good'n there Jay.
Saturday, 10 November 2018, 05:09
The proper release is now available from the same links, above.
100 levels to play through, and (assuming I didn't completely fudge it) a lovely online level database, too!
Saturday, 10 November 2018, 19:41
New C++ framework not ported to Mac?
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 03:08
MacOS moving the goalposts!
It kinda works, but each MacOS update is breaking more and more of my code! I really need to sit down and figure out the MetalAPI stuff.
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 04:35
Another great game there Jay. I'd probably play it a lot more if it wasn't for the controls. I guess you like them, but for me they just don't work - I'd much prefer a single key/button for jump action.
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 05:19
Titlescreen, top-left.
(Also, the readme)
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 06:19
I did wonder what that thing meant in the top left. Also, readme - who reads those

Anyway, in either mode the controls don't feel right. I'm guessing it's because the character can only jump when aligned to a tile rather than partial, so less of a hectic platformer and more of a puzzle game I guess.

Please don't take this as a negative - controls are always a personal thing and you can never please everybody.
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 06:23
JNKPlat is, and always has been, intended as a Puzzle game, rather than a Platform game.
Initially created as "What happens if I add gravity to Sokoban", the game has evolved from that methodology, hence why everything is locked to the grid, and the controls can occasionally feel "a bit off" if you assume it's a platformer.

If you play with "Puzzle game" in mind, you should find that everything works a little bit more... "right"
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 06:41
Could I make a quick suggestion?

Would make more sense if character actually jumped in direction for each button - rather than the direction the character is facing. I.e. If I'm facing left and I hit jump right button then I'd expect to jump right and not left as it does now.
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 06:50
.. That's what two-button jump does..
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 06:58
Don't worry - I was sure I'd set it back to 2 button jump but it was back on 1 button. Doh!
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 07:03
But which is best? One Button or Two Button?
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 07:48
X and C jump buttons are around the wrong way mush!
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 08:05
I know, I fudged up right at the start of the Framework!!
I could've switched them around, but due to how my controller stuff works, it would've broken the keys of any other 2018 Framework games in the same folder.

Fuckity bobbits.
Planning.. didn't quite work out for this one!

Use WASD and JKL.

Or use a gamepad.
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 08:10
Been using JKL and arrows.
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 08:14
The Framework was set up so that the ZXC buttons are in the "correct" order.
Z = Primary button, X = Secondary, C = Tertiary.

At the same time, the JKL keys are laid out more like a gamepad, so that when switching between various emulators and my games, the K is always Primary, L is secondary and J is tertiary. (And I is Quaditionaroelarariy*)

Both layouts make sense when played, so both were kept as the defaults.

Only in this game (so far) does that difference become an issue!!

* may not be the correct word.
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 12:22
The seventh world is just pure evil.
Sunday, 11 November 2018, 12:29
Weyhey, I got wooly jumper!
Friday, 16 November 2018, 02:02
Gameplay: After a few levels using one hand for WASD and another for JKL, I got used to the controls and it became easier and smoother to move and jump around with ease and speed. This is a puzzle platformer so more than speed, the precision of movement and jumps needs to be given importance by the players. Going full speed near the edge of the platforms will most certainly end up in falling to death in most of the levels. I found all the levels to be very well crafted with all the game objects having a role to play in completing the level. The first 20 levels gives a good tutorial introduction to most of the game objects that are used in other 80 levels.

I appreciate that there is no time limit to complete the levels so the player can take thier time and play the levels in a relaxed manner. Only a few levels test the players speed, precision and timing (Like Treacherous-Walkways-Level-4

while other levels tests the puzzle solving ability of the players. Each level pack's name give a clue about the kind of challenges the player will face in the level pack. When you start playing with the level editor you will come to realize that you can easily go overboard with creating complex levels with insane difficulty. Such over complex levels are not present in the level packs. All the levels are easy to cross once you figure out the puzzle.
I could not figure out only one level ("Back and forth" Level 3)
JNK helped me clear the level with his youtube video.

"Run-Spot-Run" level 4 has a unique slide mechanic which initially you'll think that cannot be used as there are bricks close by but then that is the path to the end point.

All the levels in "Bombing-Dude" has some interesting levels that require the player to think and blow up multiple pushable mines to destory the walls

Players cannot jump over pushable mines which makes the levels more interesting to solve.

The Bat enemy type has a very interesting behavior. The player needs some patience to figure out how it moves before making any move. The movement looks random but it has a lengthy pattern to figure out depending on where other game objects like the movable blocks are present. One other interesting game object is the arrow. It has a totally random timing for firing so it is difficult to predict and time your move. The player has to learn to jump the arrows to cross few levels.

There are no bonuses or pickups but after completing the each level pack the player is presented with either some form of pant or shirt. The write-up about the pants or shirt is very interesting read. There are 25 of such screens in the game after each level pack.

Graphics: The animation of platitude game character's walking and jumping is very pleasing to watch. There are many levels that are artistically done. Regular AGAW players will be able to find Blockman in Lurking Level 2,

Spike from Spike dislike in "Moving Day" level 4

and JNK letters design in "End is Nigh" level 3.

"Confined" level 2 has a heart shape.

"Circulation" level 4 is done like a circular maze.

"The great Escape" level 2 has a boat design while the level 4 has a Hi Smily pattern.

Level 3 of "Means tested" also has a Boat design.

"Run-Spot-Run" level 1 has a dog design.

The final level pack "The end is nigh" has the Exit letter design in level 1 and
Game boy like design in level 4.

Great effort has also gone into making the credits memorable where the Platitude falls endlessly with a story waving through the top and then all the game objects falling down from the top.

Music: All the background scores are peppy and have an unique tune common to them.

Wish list for future JNKPlat: A lift game object that can lift moving blocks up and down. The transporter should be able to transport any other movable game object. Movable jumps.

Overall an Epic puzzle platformer game along with its own level editor that is enjoyable and fun done only in 2 months. I know other puzzle platformers that were years in making.
The level editor gives infinite possibilities of levels. The level editor will need its own review at a later point of time.
Friday, 16 November 2018, 04:10
Thanks for the wonderfully lengthy review, RSKGames!
I really do appreciate how much the game is being loved, by those who manage to play beyond the "Two Jump Buttons?!!" point

If you've any additional tile-suggestions, be sure to let me know. There's still a few empty spaces in the editor's menu!
Friday, 16 November 2018, 05:46
Back and Fourth: Level 3 had me going for a while and the I finally did it, and then I learned in this thread that there is a Youtube video showing how it's done . I did it in a slightly more arse about tit way though.
Friday, 16 November 2018, 06:14
Aye, apparently that one's really baffling! Sorry 'bout that.*

One of the things I've learned about JNKPlat over the years is that when you make a particularly baffling level, it can be really obscure if you aren't in the exact same mindset of the level designer! As such, I've been replaying these levels over and over, during the course of designing the game, to ensure each one is playable with a fresh morning's eyes. There were a couple that I struggled with, but of all the baffling levels, I didn't quite catch that one.

Aw well..
Now try to beat me with your own baffling levels

(*Not really sorry)
Friday, 16 November 2018, 07:02
That level kind of reminds me of the Trick Jumpin' level in Benefactor, quite a good one that you did there.
Sunday, 18 November 2018, 04:48
Ability to kill the creatures in the game by pushing the movable blocks over them would be nice.
Sunday, 18 November 2018, 05:05
Damn... that's a nice idea.
It's hard to add new features to old tiles without breaking everyone's levels, though. Same for "blocks vs teleporters".
I'll need to think about how to do that.
Friday, 23 November 2018, 06:38
I uploaded a couple of level packs last night, "The Evil Realm Of Steve", I think you're gonna enjoy this one. Hehe!
Friday, 23 November 2018, 06:42
Although I don't know why they both have the same title, the first one should be called Parkour and the second one BANGERS.
Friday, 23 November 2018, 06:44
Oh, are they you.. I thought.. maybe, but was wondering why your name was set to Bangers..
.. Note : Your username is set to Bangers, and the level pack title is named "The Evil Realm of Steve"

|update| -=-=- |update|
Which is the first pack? I'm assuming Bangers is the one with all the explosives around the place!
Also, let me know what you'd prefer your actual username to be set to (12 chrs)!
Friday, 23 November 2018, 06:58
One on the left should be Parkour and the right one should be BANGERS

Friday, 23 November 2018, 07:05
You could set my username to my forum name if you think that's better, I think that has 12 chrs.

|update| -=-=- |update|
Although I do like The Evil Realm Of Steve.

|update| -=-=- |update|
Could set it as TEROS I suppose.
Friday, 23 November 2018, 07:07
Actually, come to think of it, Na!... That sounds a bit like a Flash Gordon-esque villain. my forum name will be fine.
Friday, 23 November 2018, 07:08
Done https://agameaweek.com/JNKPlat2018.php
Friday, 23 November 2018, 07:15
Cheers for sorting that out matey!
Friday, 23 November 2018, 23:04
Hi Steve,
Enjoyed playing the Bangers level pack.
Ingenious use of mines and falling blocks.
Once I figured out the puzzle in level 1 is was quite easy to cross.
In level 2 the placement of the arrow made it very difficult. Always lost at least one or two life before managing to proceed to level 3.
In level 3 blocks falling and blocking the spheres was very clever.
Never managed to cross level 4 as jumping from single tile moving platform was very tough.
Parkour level pack was too tough for me to cross even a single level.
Saturday, 24 November 2018, 03:51
Thanks for playing my levels, I sat and tweaked for ages to make them hard just to the limit, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!. Keep trying and have fun, they are all completable once it all falls into place.
Saturday, 24 November 2018, 03:53
I did play your bomb squad yesterday, couldn't get past the third level. LOL
Saturday, 24 November 2018, 07:01
@Steve I just played and completed the bomb squad level, they are not as interesting and pulse pounding as your levels.
I could see the effort you have put in your levels. Many places you have carefully placed the spikes in different distances such that I'll do jump, jump, jump in one direction and when I come back the same combination will lead to the spikes.

@JNK In the editor having shortcut keys(1,2,3,4,5) to navigating different pages of the tiles would be nice. Is there a way players can edit other player's levels.
Saturday, 24 November 2018, 07:23
Shortcut Keys : Not easily
My framework is wrapped up enough that it makes it surprisingly difficult to know exactly which button's being pressed. It all ends up being compressed down to "DPad directions or Face Buttons", and not things like "Key X"..
I should probably fix things like that, for future framework usage.
If I do, I'll retrofit it back here, and add more functionality to the editor.

Editing Others Levels : Not easily
Open both my-levels.lev and online-levels.lev into notepad, figure which lines of text are relevant, then copy and paste it across.
Note : Depending on how you got the level (Via the ingame online, or via the webpage) the online-levels file might be laid out slightly differently!!

Be sure to copy the whole contents of that level pack, as the level file is very much expecting 4 levels per pack.
You'll also need to update the int at the very top of the file to account for there being an extra level pack.

It's very hacky, and was left out specifically so the level database didn't end up with 100,000 "my favourite level but with an extra brick at x,y" duplicates.