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Created : 18 May 2008
Edited : 18 May 2008
System : Windows
Language : Blitz

Cuccos Tools

Webserver, database and crawler for IK tools site.

CT Crawler CS0.5.0
CT Server CT1.7.10
Inselkampf.com. Yes, its that stupid game again. I coded some ancillary "tools" to give players more information on the game. Initially for my own amusement, but eventually it became a relatively high-traffic web site.

Now I don't really play any more, but don't want to waste everything, so source and binaries for the tools are available if someone wants to take over the project. This will probably be of little interest to anyone outside the IK community.

But it is a web server written in Blitz, so...

It can be run on any host PC, preferable fast and always-on.


Binaries are included for convenience, or you can build from source.

You don't need BlitzBasic to run the tools. You will need it to compile the source or make changes.

1) extract CS 0.5.0.exe from ctc0.5.0.zip to a folder
2) extract CT 1.7.10.exe from cts171.zip to the same folder
3) make a sub-folder called data
4) extract ct.data1.zip to the data folder
5) extract ct.data2.zip to the data folder

You must have Windows (2000/XP/Server is best), DirectX 8+ installed (the tools use DirectPlay to run the server). CS is the crawler, and should be run once daily. CT is the tools themselves, and should run always. CT needs to be terminated and restarted daily to reload the updated data. You can use the windows task scheduler to automate both (surprisingly this works very well).

CT will take a while to load up (6 minutes on 2GHz Athlon XP, fast HD) and eats several hundred MB of memory (this isn't a problem as it will mostly go to the page file). Once started, it will try to listen on TCP port 80. If you behind a firewall or router, open it and point to your machine. You can use dyndns or similar to let other people connect.

Once up and running, you can test it by going to https://localhost/

There is a bug in CT whereby it will hang at 100% CPU if you close it - do not press the X button, go straight to the task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and terminate the process.

The bottom line is it works fine, but can be slightly clunky.

The version above has several features commented out to make it simplified (later "pirate tools" version). You can also get https://socoder.net/uploads/75/cts170.zip with the login system, reports etc. intact (original "cuccos tools" version). Be warned that there are several fixes only applied to the later version.

-- Cucco