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Created : 07 April 2009
Edited : 09 November 2009
System : Mac

Don of New York

Here are some screenshots for my game, "Don of New York", it takes several ideas from the EA game "The Godfather" and the FaceBook game "Crime Rings" and adds a few of my own ideas.

Basically it is a text based management/strategy/territory building game.

This is a text/keyboard strategy game and there is very little "action" in the game. I've done this mainly because I wanted to build the game as fast as possible.

The objective is that you take your chosen family to the top, and become "Don of New York" by taking over businesses, rackets, gaining "crime rings", buying safehouses and eliminating rival AI players (There are 4 AI players in all) and staying one step ahead of the cops.

"Crime Rings" are just racket bonuses and are a clone of the facebook game of the same name. If you get all the rackets of a particular crime ring, you get a bonus; such as improved health, lower wages, faster repairs, or body armour.

There are 10 racket types in the game:
1) Protection racket
2) Prizefight racket
3) Drugs racket
4) Chop Shop racket
5) Gambling racket
6) Construction racket
7) Gun Running racket
8) Diamond racket
9) Bordello racket
10) Warehouse racket

The battle system is going to be very basic. Originally I was going to rip the battle graphics from the PC game "Crime Fighter" and use them, but at the moment I am not sure if I will implement these features.

**UPDATE: 12 April 2009**

These are more screenshots.

Some extra details.

I am making it as if it were a NES game but unfortunely I'm useless at graphics so I'm trying my best not to use them where I can.

Anyway, here are the screenshots.

** UPDATE [15 April 2009] **

I've opted to try and make a NES sized screen resolution game, and am skinning everything in Photoshop before I actually do the work -- unfortuently I've found to my cost that not everything fits (for whatever reason) and the fonts are just not looking right.

I may try to use a scaling method, or just use a different size.

Anyway, here are some more screenshots, most of these are photoshop mockups and are not real time run-time output.

UPDATE: 07 May 2009

I have been sidetracked by other projects. I intend to get back onto this project as soon as I can.

No new screenshots yet.

UPDATE: 2 August 2009

All development has ceased until further notice. I'm rethinking whole sections of what I am trying to achieve, and may opt to hire a pixel artist or something.

Until then, this project is on hold.

UPDATE: 19 August 2009

All development has been terminated on this game and is now being ported over to a new game, either called "Rum Runners" or "Bootleggers" (I haven't decided yet).

The main reason for this is because I wanted to empathize more on the 1930s prohibition era more than New York, and I'm scaling back on the majority of the ideas I originally had to create a rapid prototype.

UPDATE: 9 November 2009.

The entire game has been rebuilt (several times) and I am building the game as a Blitz Basic prototype for an iphone application.

Obviousily I can't program gestures, things of that nature; the game is mostly button orientated.

I will post screenshots at a later date.



Tuesday, 07 April 2009, 04:36
Sounds interesting.
Monday, 30 July 2012, 15:10
I never finished this project, I still have some of the code somewhere. But it will not be finished as I moved onto new projects.

You can use the imagery for your own purposes. I have no issues with this at all. Thanks.