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Created : 10 September 2008
System : Cross Platform

College Life

It's Crrraaaazzzyyyyy

I realize I haven't been too active on the forum lately, aside from a couple posts in the shoutbox, but life's been so busy lately! Its kinda crazy because now i spend so much of my time day to day learning about computers and math that i don't have time to use a computer much in my leisure.

It's actually kinda funny being a Computer Science major-- most of the guys I meet are Engineering or Business.. CS is like the bastard child of the College of Engineering (they even had to tack it onto the end making it the college of engineering and computer science). So there aren't a whole lot of us, and most of the people doing it don't have the experience i've been fortunate enough to have had (that's partially thanks to the good 'ole blitz community -- thanks guys), so it feels good being in that position, because i have a little bit of an edge.

/*Funny moment of the day in my discrete structures class:
Professor: "Can anyone tell me why a computer starts counting from zero?"
Student: "Oh oh oh, because computers use base zero!"
Me: *facepalm*

Between filming, editing, and working on our football team's games and practices, going to 3 math classes + a programming one (which to be honest is piss easy introduction stuff that i have to take), and a speech class (my only gen-ed this semester), life's been pretty crazy. I also recently signed up to be a part of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), and even got a bid for a fraternity (though i don't think i'll join with how much i'm doing already). Plus, i've finally started going back to the gym again. hurray being physically active! *rubs soar arm*

All this comes at a cost, of course-- sleep has been a bit of a commodity lately, and probably won't be catching up any time soon, so i've been sneaking in naps wherever i can. Honestly i don't think i've ever been so active in my life, but it feels good, in one way or another.



Thursday, 11 September 2008, 01:06
Sounds great!
It's good to be busy at college, unlike my extreme boredom most of the time which inevitably lead to me dropping out of most things and getting really rubbish grades..
So, I'm glad that you're finding things interesting, and keeping yourself busy.

WTF is Speech Class?
Thursday, 11 September 2008, 10:05
Technically it's "Oral Communications" (SPC 1600). Basically we write and deliver speeches, and we learn about public speaking. So far its been rubbish, and I'm regretting not spamming the class sign up site for a spot into the Technical Presentations class (which is engineer-oriented, dealing with raising your diction for a technical audience, and lowering it for non-engineer types). But, either class fulfills my credit, so whatever!
Saturday, 13 September 2008, 02:03
I wish we had something like that, it can be pretty useful if the lessons are good.